Finish Line Challenge

Our Commitment:


To Faithfully Make More Disciples of Jesus in Denton


From its inception in 1951, St. David’s has been a growing and vibrant congregation committed to making the love of Jesus known in Denton and beyond. Our church was built in 1953 and expanded in 1955 to include additional seating, offices, and a Parish Hall. The Education Building and parking lot were added in 1962, and our current Parish Hall was constructed in 1982, connecting both buildings into one.


St. David’s continued to grow throughout the 1980’s, and as the average Sunday attendance reached 225 people, the leadership knew that the parish could not continue to grow without another building expansion.


We engaged an architect, drew up plans, and began raising money for another expansion. But we were unable to cross the finish line.

After years of cyclical growth and decline, the church began to grow at an exponential rate in 2013 when we called our first Curate (assistant priest) in over 15 years. Our children’s ministry took off, and new families continued to join St. David’s. The leadership of the parish knew that this was “our time to rise.”

In the midst of a rapidly growing city, and with a Great Commission to fulfill, we began exploring how God was calling us to continue making new disciples of Jesus for generations to come. The result was a Capital Campaign in 2019 that yielded $2.4 million in pledges toward a new church adjacent to our existing facility.
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The Challenge

Crossing the Finish Line


Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic delay our timeline to break ground, but the cost to build rose by 33% when the project went out to bid last summer. As a result, we began a process of revision and redesign. Features essential to the function and overall aesthetic of the building were kept, such as side aisles, increased seating capacity, and the Gothic design. We cut costs by reducing the overall size and removing the transepts and interior brick. The result is a cost effective church in the English tradition that will allow us to grow with Denton for generations to come. We anticipate that when this project goes to bid in July, it will cost between $5-5.5 million, including furnishings and fees.


Our goal is to break ground in September and we have applied for a building permit with the city. The three properties between our existing building and Scripture Street are vacated and demolition will begin in June. We are ready to begin construction, but we anticipate needing to raise at least an additional $1 million in order to cross the finish line.













From the Rector


Beloved in Christ,


The finish line is in sight and we are sprinting toward it. But we need your help in order to cross it and break ground this September. With costs continuing to rise, we anticipate needing an additional $1 million in pledges in order to build this new church responsibly.


That’s a huge amount of money—more than I am asking any one of you to give. But there is a pledge that is right for each of us to make.


For a few of us, that will mean making a first-time pledge to this campaign. For others, it will mean making an additional, sacrificial pledge. And for some, it will mean going significantly above and beyond to help us reach our goal. We need people to give at each of these levels, and I urge you not to assume that someone else will step up to the plate.


I am asking you to make a pledge that assumes this entire project depends on you. Because it does; it depends on all of us.


This ask does not come lightly. But we stand at a critical moment in the life of this congregation—a moment where your gift could allow someone to hear about Jesus for the first time or follow him more sincerely because we made space for them right now. So I ask you to join Cyndi and me in ensuring that St. David’s has the ability to grow with Denton for years to come. 






The Rev. Paul A. Nesta

Finish Line Commitments


As part of this challenge, we are asking everyone at St. David’s to prayerfully consider

what commitment you will make to help us cross the finish line:


1. Make a First-time Commitment to our Capital Campaign

Maybe you began attending St. David’s after our RISE Campaign in

May 2019, or perhaps you were not ready to make a commitment

then. We want to invite you to take that step now and partner with

us in our mission to faithfully make more disciples of Jesus in the

Anglican tradition. 


2. Make an Additional Sacrificial Commitment 

We know that many of you pledged sacrificially to our RISE

campaign.Because your generosity was so gracious, some of you are

not able to give at that level again. Would you consider a gift that is

less than your initial pledge, but equally sacrificial? We trust that

through prayer, you will be able to discern that amount. But we need your support again.


3. Make a Radically Sacrificial Commitment 

The success of this project depends on additional or new pledges that exceed $50,000 and even $100,000. We know that such a pledge is out of reach for many in the congregation. If God has blessed you with the resources to make this level of commitment, would you prayerfully consider how he is asking you to contribute? We are not suggesting that such a gift will come easy. We know it will involve radical sacrifice, which is why Jesus reminds us that our stewardship is a matter of discipleship. 

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