christmas flowers header (1).png

Our Christmas Flowers

are given

to the Glory of God


- In loving memory of Gladys and Charles Bailey, and Donald Hunt, by Jill & Chuck Bailey.

- In loving memory of Anne Bridges, Peggy Wilson, and Ginger Babbitt; and in thanksgiving for

   the 90th birthday of Jim, by Mona Carrico.

- In thanksgiving for our clergy and staff who kept the liturgies available during this difficult time,

   by Tommy & Pat Caruthers.

- In thanksgiving for their children and grandchildren, by John & Karen Coleman.

- In thanksgiving for St. David’s, family, friends, and good health, by Geoffrey & Brenda Desmond.

- In loving memory of Carol and Ben Ivey, Mary Lou and Paul Fisher, Terry Fisher, and Myron

   Stout, by Bob & Delie Fisher.

- In loving memory of John Kensinger and Bill Philipson, by Betsy Kensinger.

- In loving memory of Russell, Carolyn, Jeffry, and Chad Miller, and Lee G. Knox, by Stephen &

   Cynthia Knox.

- In thanksgiving for her granddaughter, Brielle, by Ginny Lassiter.

- In thanksgiving for Fr. Sam Adams, and for the people of St. David’s, by Fr. Paul & Cyndi Nesta.

- In thanksgiving for their families, by Bill & Karen Pike.

- In thanksgiving for God’s love and protection, by Sarah Fitzpatrick.

- In thanksgiving for their 40th wedding anniversary, and for our families and friends; and in loving

   memory of Gloria, Bruce, and Barry Belknap; and Virginia, Robert, and Charles Sager, by Jeff &

   Sheri Sager.

- In thanksgiving for family and friends, by John & Joy Siegmund.

- In thanksgiving for her grandsons, William and John Stuemky, by Ann Smith.

- In thanksgiving for our children, by Dick & Nita Wells.

- In thanksgiving for the love of God and her family, by Jean Whitlock.