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Stewardship 2023

Beloved in Christ,


Your generosity empowers the ministry that happens at St. David’s. Every Mass said, every hymn sung, every children’s lesson taught, every snack pack given to a homeless person, every interaction with foster youth, every counseling session conducted, every small group offered, every cup of coffee shared is made possible because people like you generously give to the mission of this parish. Your generosity is the foundation that allows us to draw people into community through Word and Sacrament. The Scriptures promise us that every generous action lays a foundation. St. Paul explains that when we are generous, rich in good works, we store up “the treasure of a good foundation for the future” and, in so doing, we discover “the life that really is life” (see 1 Tim 6:18-19). In other words, our generosity is an investment. We know that when we set money aside in a retirement account, it is an investment in our future.

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Or, when we register our kids or grandkids in a particular sport or activity, we are investing in the sort of people they will become. The same is true at a spiritual level. When we are generous toward God, we lay a foundation for ministry to happen and flourish through St. David’s. We ensure that the memories we have made here and the ways we have grown as disciples of Jesus by being a part of this parish family can be repeated in the lives of others.

In a world that encourages us to invest in “the good life”, the Scriptures invite us to invest our resources in ways that lay a foundation for God’s future kingdom. This, we are promised, is the abundant life that Jesus came to bring. As we approach a new year of financial stewardship, I invite you to generously join us in laying a strong foundation for a new season of ministry.

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The Rev. Paul A. Nesta

2023 Budget Priorities

Your generosity makes all the difference. It is the foundation for everything we do at St. David’s. As we prepare to enter our new building and a new season of ministry in 2023, we need everyone on board to help us achieve the following budget priorities:


1. Last fall, our Vestry (church board) voted to expand our Outreach giving by 1% of our overall budget each year until we are able to allocate a 10% tithe of our budget to Outreach. That’s roughly a $4,000 increase in 2023.


2. Did you know that most of our staff positions are part-time? As we continue

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to grow, that places an increased demand on our staff that requires us to expand their positions—all the way down to our janitors, who will have more to clean by the end of 2023!


3. In addition to our part-time positions, our Associate Priest position has been funded by a generous donation that will not be available to us forever. In order to maintain a second priest, we need to begin incorporating that position into our budget each year.

Lay a Foundation for St. David's Future

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As part of this year’s stewardship initiative, we are asking that all individuals, couples, and families at St. David’s submit a pledge for 2023. Whatever the amount, pledging helps us accurately budget for the year ahead so that we can be good stewards of your contributions and the mission God has entrusted to us.


Pledging also connects you to the work God is doing in and through our parish in a tangible way. Not only that, your generosity is also an act of gratitude for God’s provision in your life.

Recently, a parishioner told us that making a pledge helps her follow through on what she intends to give St. David’s. She is not able to be at church every Sunday, so by naming a specific amount, she is able to remain consistent in her giving. “Knowing I’ve made a commitment helps me prioritize that commitment,” she said. “It’s an easy way for me to offer my best to God.” Whether you are new to St. David’s or have attended for years, we want you to prayerfully ask God what he is calling you to give to support us in 2023. Because financial generosity is an act of discipleship, consider what it would look like for your giving to be a real act of faith in God.

Ready to Lay a Foundation with Us?

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