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Growing with Denton

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Current Parish Hall

New Building

St. David's has truly been blessed with an enthusiastic and growing parish body. As we make room for our growing congregation, we want to keep you informed about our building process and what you can expect. Recognizing all the construction currently taking place around us, we want to ensure that this project not only maintains the beauty of our current facilities, but that we also remain a neighborhood parish in the process. We are excited to be able to welcome new members and provide additional services to our community—not just today, but for many years to come.

What to Expect

Our Building Project

Saint David's celebrated our formal groundbreaking on Sunday, June 26th, 2022. On July 5th, we closed a $3.675 million construction loan with Great Plains Bank. The total project budget (including pews, organ, an altar, pulpit, and furnishings) is $6.5 million.


It was of critical importance to our design committee to maintain the overall aesthetic of our current sanctuary in our new space. The resulting vision is a cost effective church in the English tradition that will allow us to grow with Denton for generations to come. While maintaining the features that are critical to the worship experience at St. David's, our new building will provide increased seating, with side aisles for easier pew ingress/egress.

SDOW-Altar View.png


Join us in Mission

While we have completed the primary fund raising portion of our Captial Campaign, there are still many ways to become involved in our building project. The first and primary thing you can do, is pray with us! Pray for blessings upon our building project, for wisdom and clarity for our decision makers, for the safety of our workers, and for protection from elements that seek to derail our progress.


Additionally, items for memorial donations are available. In Easter 2023, we will release a list of remaining items that we are seeking donations for. If you would like to make a general financial donation to the project, you can do so here (select "Give to Rise building fund").

Good Neighbor

Since 1951
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One of St. David's greatest assets is our location, nestled in a vibrant and warm community in central Denton. It's imperative to us that throughout this building project (and beyond) we continue to be the good neighbor we've always been, and a contributing member of this community. To that end, we have been intentional in designing a neighborhood-scale building. We will be planting more trees, providing more green space, and providing additional parking on our property (eliminating the need for street parking on major events).

We also look forward to having more space available for community needs, such as neighborhood meetings and events. Finally, as we grow, we will have more capacity for mission work in our community, above and beyond what we are already doing.


During construction, we'll work with our contractor to:

  • Protect our quality trees

  • Keep the truck trips to a minimum

  • Work only within the hours allowed under Denton's noise ordinance

  • Keep our trash and equipment on our site


And we'll always be open and available to hear about any concerns or issues that might arise. We are excited to grow together with you in this community!

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