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“Ascribe to the LORD the honor due his Name; bring offerings and come into his courts.”

Psalm 96:8


In Spring 2023, we announced a special offering for specific items we both needed to purchase and hoped to purchase for our new building. Nothing could have prepared us for the generous response we received from the congregation and friends of St. David's! Thanks to the support of dozens of households, we have received donations for over five dozen furnishings, fixtures, and vestments, along with two dozen trees. 

Below is an up-to-date selection of items that are available for donation. Your ongoing contributions remain as important as ever as we near the end of construction. If you do not see an item that fits your budget or an item of particular interest to you, please consider a general gift to the project in any amount. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!


Acolyte Vestments   $2,450

This donation will supply a range of cassocks and surplices for our youth acolytes to wear each Sunday. 



Purple Pulpit Hanging   $2,500 

This liturgical hanging will adorn our pulpit during the seasons of Advent and Lent.

Lenten Dossal Curtain | $4,200

This austere curtain would hang above our altar during the season of Lent, replacing our year-round blue curtain and serving as a backdrop for our altar cross and candlesticks.  



Purple Cope   $5,400

This cope would match our new purple vestments, which are worn during the seasons of Advent and Lent.


Wayfinding Signs   $9,072 

Five different wayfinding signs will be placed around our property to assist first-time guests and visitors in navigating our expanded campus. 

Altar Window | $165,630   includes delivery and installation 

The inspiration for this window comes from an ancient hymn we recite in Morning Prayer called the Te Deum. The hymn is set around the throne of God, who is praised by apostles, prophets, martyrs, and the whole host of heaven. 

Drawing from these categories, the figures surrounding Christ on the throne are Peter and Paul (Apostles); Moses, Elijah, and John the Baptist (Prophets); Perpetua and Felicity (third century Roman martyrs); the Virgin Mary, St. David of Wales, and St. Non (St. David’s mother). 


The donor(s) who contribute to this window will be given the opportunity to select the two remaining saints in the window. 

This window was designed by J. Wippell & Co. before the company closed their doors in 2023. Founded in 1789, Wippell's also designed the windows in our current Nave and Narthex. This window will proudly feature their logo as the last stained glass commission they designed. 

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