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“Ascribe to the LORD the honor due his Name; bring offerings and come into his courts.”

Psalm 96:8

Below is an up-to-date selection of memorial items that are available for our new church building. Payment is not required at the time your pledge is submitted, and can be made over a period of time. All items will have the option to include a memorial plaque or engraving if desired.

* items with an asterisk will not be purchased without a donation

Holly | $500  | 32 available

Yaupon| $500  | 3 available

Live Oak | $1,000  | 8 available

* Gold Vestment Set | $6,500 (Low Mass Set) or | $15,500 (items below + Dalmatic, Tunicle, & add. stoles ) 

These vestments would be used throughout the seasons of Christmas and Easter, along with other feasts when white or gold are worn. Incorporating the traditional colors of St. David of Wales, these vestments would be gold with black/gold orphreys.


Illuminated Signs  | $20,000 (for both)

1 double-facing illuminated monument sign facing east/west on the corner of Ector and Scripture

1 matching illuminated cabinet to replace existing marquee cabinet at the Sena Street Entrance.


* Parking Lot Reconstruction | $45,000 

Replace, reseal, and restripe existing parking lot and Sena Street Entrance.

* High Altar Window | $165,630 

We are not currently fundraising for side aisle windows, which will initially be clear glass.

B&W Design Denton170622.JPG

We are pleased to work again with J. Wippell & Co. on the design of our new altar window. Founded in 1789, Wippell's is based in England and designed the windows in our current Nave and Narthex. The inspiration for this window comes from an ancient hymn we recite in Morning Prayer called the Te Deum. The hymn is set around the throne of God, who is praised by apostles, prophets, martyrs, and the whole host of heaven. 

Drawing from these categories, the figures surrounding Christ on the throne are Peter and Paul (Apostles); Moses, Elijah, and John the Baptist (Prophets); Perpetua and Felicity (third century Roman martyrs); the Virgin Mary, St. David of Wales, and St. Non (St. David’s mother). 


The donor(s) who contribute to this window will be given the opportunity to select the two remaining saints in the window. 

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